Nov. 26th,2008 Wednesday

Xinxin went to see the RT doctor in the morning and did some scans in the afternoon she went to do a brace for the right leg because of the small crack caused by the cancer cells.
In the afternoon she did the radiotherapy which will last for two weeks. She was very cooperated as usual.
And she did a full blood court check-up today. Her count is still not good enough for the new Chemo therapy.
She is still on TPN and morphine 24 hours today. But thank God she is eating something now.
Dear friends, thank you very much for your prayers and your concern.
Please continue to pray for Xinxin.

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Adriandy Manny 说...

Joy, don't feel bad about yourself. I can totally feel for you being the only person there 24/7 at the ward! Glad to know XinXin finally started RT and hopefully this will help shrink the tumor. Please take care and you are always in our thoughts!

Jenn & Adrian