Nov.20th,2008 Thur

Things are getting worse, there is a new growing tumour on abdomen was found from today's CT scan, that cause Xinxin keep complaining pain these days, maybe radiotherapy or operation will used to kill it, it's really suffering for Xinxin. Very very sad to get this result.

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Unknown 说...

I'm so terribly sorry to hear what's happening in XinXin's abdomen. So what's the plan now? Hang in there and you guys are in our thoughts!

Take care,
Jenn & Adrian

匿名 说...

This is not easy for you and your husband. It's too much for us to bear this news too. Poor Xinxin, bearing all the physical pain so young. Have a good discussion with the doctors to have the faster cure for xinxin. We shall keep you all in prayers.