Nov.23th,2008 Sunday

Xinxin is still in hospital, so far now, the surgery to resect tumour is not considered first, because surgery can't remove 100% cancer cells parts that eyes can find. so the doctor will use local radiation first then follow a new chemo that was used by MSKCC in New York, because there was one patient in QMH under the same condition and came to MSKCC for treatment, So professor GCF Chan introduced that treatment way to HK, after Xinxin 's blood count and NEU is OK, Dr.Chan will start that Chemo.

High stage Neuroblastoma is really so aggressive and dangerous, the doctors in KKH of singapore and QMH all try their best and never give it up, Dr Shau-yin HA told us they will have group meeting next Monday to review the illness situation and make the treatment plan together with other doctors.

So many friends shown their great concern on little Xinxin, your kind words and email encourage us.

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don't worry, God is in control & we are all behind you all the way

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Yes God is in control.

Ecc 7:8 事情的终局强如事情的起头;存心忍耐的,胜过居心骄傲的。

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