Nov.9th,2008 Sunnday

Xinxin is still in the isolate room, the test result may come out after tomorrow, then she can back to the common ward, the isolate room has much rules for the visits, only one parent can stay inside one time, and you should wash hands before in and after out, wear a purple all the time, it's quiet than in common ward, it's boring beacuse no one you can talk with.

The doctor in charge of Xinxin came to ward everyday, and told us he will try his best to cure Xinxin, and tomorrow Xinxin will begin the 3F8 treatment protocol, so far now, it's a miracle on the world for those neuroblastoma, because it greatly improve the cure rate of high risk neuroblastoma. pain is the main effect, but that means the anti body is attached to neuroblastoma cell and kill it, thanks to Dr. Godfrey Chan, he is a so kind and professional doctor, he told us many new treatment methods are arised in US, if necessary, Xinxin can take it.
It's really grateful to Dr.chan for accepting Xinxin to admit into Queen Mary hospital HK, a famous hospital on the world.

It's cold in HK now, not like in Singapore that every day is in summer, so we begin to buy some
clothing for us, thanks to all of you, some friends in singapore have given the winter clothes to Xinxin before we left singapore, so we don't worry about that for Xinxin.

The following 3F8 treatment will last for one week, xinxin's mummy will stay in QMH for one week and maybe can't update the blog everyday. Please continue pray for Xinxin and thanks for all your comments and consideration to us.

Thank you so muh.

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Unknown 说...

I know exactly where you guys are staying at (K7N, right?). It's brutal there and I totally hated it where we were there. Hang in there, hopefully the result will come back negative and you'll return to C6. May Xin Xin respond well to her first 3F8 treatment tomorrow. You guys are in our thoughts.

Take care,
Jenn & Adrian