Dec.10th,2008 Wednesday

Xinxin vomited the Chemo drug out again after she took it 10 minutes later. They will divide the amount(only 1.9ml) into twice and let her try tomorrow.
She didn't take anything except some Chocolate send by my friend Liulan's mother in the afternoon. And she also gave Xinxin a Huge stuff Bear which is very soft. So Xinxin had a happy time.
Liulan is our friend in Singapore and it's very nice of her mother to come to visit us in QMH for a few times already.
It's hard at this time for us and for Xinxin. She is really in pain even with morphine but she grasps every minute to enjoy when she feels a little better.
let's pray for Xinxin.Thank you.

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Unknown 说...

Thanks to God for all the encouragement and strength from people and Himself. Jia you, xinxin!

Unknown 说...

Joy, it was nice meeting you yesterday! Look forward to hearing some good news on XinXin the next time we meet. Take care.

Jenn & Adrian