Dec9th,2008 Tuesday

Xinxin is still in pain.We met her doctor Dr.Chan.He is going to use another drug for the bone besides the oral chemo. Xinxin vomited the oral drug out this morning 10 minutes after she took it. And the doctor didn't repeat it.
But she had a good time with the CCF staff this afternoon for a while.
And she also had a good time with the gifts from my friends in Singapore. My friend LiuJun came to see us in the hospital and brought some toys and my friend Chenjian also send us a lot (10kg) of Xinxin's favorite food.
I want to thank all these good friends who make her time different at this moment.
Please continue to pray for Xinxin.
Thank you.

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God bless you, my loverly niece, you will be recovered from this illness in the coming days.