Jan 4th,2008 Sunday

Thank God that we had a great weekend as a family in the ward. Xinxin is doing fine. She was sleeping very well during the night and can enjoy her favorite games played by the daddy as her right hand still has needle on because of the peripheral line.Today they took her blood for blood culture--need to wait for the result to come out.
I read Xinxin a story book in the afternoon in English--it's amazing that she still remembers all the English she has learned.
Please continue to to pray for Xinxin.

Please also pray that I have the courage to talk God with one of the parents whose kid failed twice of Bone Marrow Transplant and seems to be very helpless. I tried to talk with the mother, but we can not communicate every well with each other as I don't speak Cantonese which is the only language she can speak .It's really hard for parents at this difficult time especially for those without God's guidance.But anyway make sure to say a prayer for the kid who is the only child in the family and the same age as Xinxin.
Thank you very much.

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匿名 说...

Hi, Joy,

Of course, Shuqin can remember what she has learnt as she is a clever and lovely girl. It's nice to learn that her pain can be under control and can even enjoy some activities . Every night, I and my husband do share some of Shuqin and keep praying for this brave girl and your family.



Unknown 说...

I will!

XinXin Battle Against Neuroblastoma 说...

Thank you kan and Yanqiong.

匿名 说...

Dear Joy,

It's such a blessing to see that you can still think of others when you're going through so much yourself. God will surely honour your faithfulness!

Xinxin and all of you are always in our prayers.