Jan.5th, 2008 Monday

Thank you dear friends for your prayers and your concern.;
Xinxin is doing fine-she looks comfortable as the doctor said, but she is very tired and was sleeping the whole afternoon. So she couldn't play with her favourite CCF staff in the afternoon, which disappointed her a lot.
The base line of the morphine is cutting down from 2 ml to 1.5 ml per hour by Dr. Chiang as he noticed that we seldom press the PCA . And the pain doctors also agrees with Dr. Chiang. It's really nice to know all these doctors are working together for the pain control.
Xinxin's blood count is good but we are still waiting for the result of blood culture.
I want to thank one nurse in QMH here as she brought me some home cooked soup. It's really nice of the nurse to be so concern.
Please continue to pray for Xinxin. Thank you.

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匿名 说...

This is my first time to see Xin Xin's blog. I am very touching when reading every words in it. I hope we can co-operate to give Xin Xin life with hihg quality. Cheers! Xin Xin

God blessing
Helen K8Nnurse