Jan 9th,2008 Friday

CCF specialist Zen guniang invited one patient's father--Mr. Xie to pray for us in the ward. I am very thankful that Mr.Xie can share with me his feeling at this time. After talking with them, I felt very peaceful in mind.
Xinxin said one most touching word--Mummy,别担心我(don't worry about me) in the morning and held my hand,All the adults who witness this had tears in their eyes.
Our hearts are broken.She also sent one card to her daddy with the word"I will pray for you"--which is very rare, because she never sends card to the daddy before.
She had a good time with us--Sister Zen and Sister Tian.

The doctor started Dormicum for her in low dose-1.0 ml per hour.
Please pray less suffer for Xinxin.