Jan.8th,2008 Thursday

One of the NB mother told me that she is very sad. Yes, it's very sad of course but being sad cannot help the kids at all.She told me that she doesn't understand Christian because we seem not to care about our kids.
Whatever our believe is, we are the same as any parents.Nothing is worse for any parents seeing their kids have to face cancer. No parents will feel happy about the child's sickness especially cancer. Xinxin is the only child of us, how we want her to be healthy.
And God provides everything for us to do the advanced treatment. What we can do is to thank Him and pray for Xinxin. And we are very blessed to know and to be closer to God through Xinxin's sickness.
So please continue to pray for Xinxin.
Xinxin is very alert today--without naps, and I have to play her favorite games the whole day as she is very tired herself. The pain doctor came to see us again and did some adjustment--decrease the morphine and increase one more patch. Even the nurse asked me why the Pain doctor is so nice to us because they don't see patients every day.What we can say is that we are very lucky with God's plan.
Dear friends, thank you very much for your always support and prayers. We are very thankful that we can stay with our daughter tonight on earth.Tomorrow will be another day...

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Yes, God is here and He knows all.
So many doctor, nurses, sisters and brothers are care about Xinxin and you.Keep on praying. Both you and Xinxin are God's lovely daughters.