Jan.11th,2008 Sunday

Dear friends, thank you very for your concern, prayers. And we are very sorry that we are not ready to answer your phones at the moment as we are too sad…We appreciate your emails and we will try to write a update later.
We miss Xinxin a lot and hoping she is really having a good time. As parents, we felt bad that we couldn't give her a healthy body and we couldn't do anything for her when she was in such pain. This was the worst thing and saddest thing in the world.
But don't worry about us as a few new friends Mr. Xie, Ms Kuang, Janet.And our CCF specialist- Ms. Zen are helping us a lot doing the final things. And the doctors and nurses helped us a lot at the last moment.
Please continue to pray for the bravery of Xinxin.
Thank you.

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匿名 说...

Dear, take care of yourself. I believe Xinxin is happy and peaceful while staying with God in heaven. I believe she is happy to have parents like you.