Jan.12th,2008 Monday

Thanks God that we did everything smooth. We went to five different places to do the final thing for Xinxin with the help of five new friends-Janet,Ms.zen,Mikel and Mikel's friends.
It should take us more than a few days to find these places despite the commucation problems without the help of all these friends.

And with God's guidance--Xinxin's funeral will be 11:30 am Jan.16th(Friday)at QMH. For those who want to see her last sight,please come and see her, I am sure she will be happy.
For those who cannot come, please sing the song-- Jesus loves me, this I know"(耶稣爱我,我知道) as I know that Xinxin loves it very much.
We will have a Christian's funeral for her with the help of our new Friend--sally Guang, Mr. Xie,Janet ,Mikel.So far I have no ideas of the funeral, but I know we are missing her a lot.

Please continue to pray for Xinxin.Hope she will come to our dreams and tell us her life.

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匿名 说...

Dear all,

Please take good care of yourself and your family. You have done all you can do for Xinxin. We are sure that Xinxin will hope her parent, her relatives & friends living happliy in coming days. If you need any support, please call me at 98665188 in your convenience. We will continue to pray for Xinxin. Please charge-up.
Best wishes, Alex Lee - ASM.

Deqlan 说...

Hello to you all, our sincere condolences and heartsore prayers for Xin Xin and your family - we are so very sorry for the pain Xin Xin went through and the pain you are now facing without her. We asked Deqlans prayer army to pray very hard for Xin Xin and i will continue to ask them to keep praying for you as her parents and family. Continue to lean on Our Lord He will never let you know, He will guide you on this journey, just trust in Him. God Bless, prayers, Mark Samm Deqlan Logan Higgins South Africa