Jan.14th,2009 Wednesday

Xinxin is always very brave.
The whole day I was thinking how could Xinxin be so brave and why must a little kid suffer so much.I couldn't get the answer until my head really hurts.

In the afternoon, my parents and I went to the church to discuss the details of the Funeral on Friday.Thanks God, everything sounds fine to us.

And we planned a memorial meeting for Xinxin at 7:30--9:00pm on Jan.2o,2009 (Tuesday) at the 8th floor of EFCC Yan Fook Church.
So for those who cannot come on her funeral this Friday, please come next Tuesday.

Please continue to pray for Xinxin.
And also pray for me as I will write the story of her short life with God.Please pray the guidance of God of the writing Pray that I will be strong enough to talk on that day because I am not ready yet now. I think I cannot. But my husband is too sad also...

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匿名 说...

Let time help you couple to recover slowly. It is true that Xinxin has lived a short life and has suffered pains. However, I firmly believe that Xinxin has understood what love is and where love is from. Love, and only love makes Xinxin happy and so brave. And I am sure Xinxin will be a beautiful angel, praying for you in the paradise forever.

No children can be really separated from their parents, because from the very moment they are born, the parents' love has filled in their lives and never vanish. That is truly eternal love.

your friends,
Ms Lau and Mr Zhao

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I'm so very sorry.
God Bless. Love, Ellen

Laura's Mom 说...

i just want to say how very sorry I am to hear of Xinxin's passing. Her personality and her caring family came across so vividly in your blog. I will not forget her and you. I wish you a kind of peace someday as I am trying to find myself.
from across the world,
Mara mother of nb angel Laura (1994-2006)in New Jersey, USA
and http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/laurastiles

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My heart breaks for you dear ones...I am so very sorry for your loss of sweet XinXin...you have all fought so very bravely and gracefully and I admire the beauty of all you write...I'll continue prayers with much love

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My brother and my sister in law, I feel very sad for the passing of my loverly niece, so much memory reminded me from the birth of Xinxin, it is so short a time when I last time see my niece in xi'an just at the monment of I pursued my master degree in Xi'an. God, I want to inquire you why you are so eager to let Xinxin become a angel in you side, but the great grief is so heavy that the parents of Xinxin will live what a life without the accompany of Xinxin. It is an aching which can damage the feeling of all the pepole that has great loving with Xinxin. she gone just like the wind, but the wind has left so large a pit in the heart of all the man concerning the condition of Xinxin. Where is your mercy, God? I cannot keep the tears in my eyes, I felt my heart is so sad.

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No words could express our sadness with the passing of such a lovely child. But we are not without hope as we will meet her in heaven someday. She has definitely gone to a better place, without pain, without tears, without sorrow... May you take comfort in knowing she is safe and joyous in the arms of Jesus, Joy. May the God of comfort, the Holy Spirit, our Lord Jesus, brings comfort and strength to you and your family. Our prayers and thoughts are with you always.
Whee Ling & David

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Dear Joy and Daddy,

May the Lord comfort your bleeding hearts. We at singapore are also very sad. Our saddness lingers each time we remember Shuqin. She's such a good daughter to both of you. Lord, pls keep her safely in your hands now and let no harm be done to her. Davina's mum, Frida wants to send her deepest condolences. Althought Shuqin has gone to God's home, she'll remain alive in our hearts every day. We love her.