Jan.1st,2009 Thursday

We are very thankful that we as a family can stay in one room yesterday. As we are transferred to a two-bed room, my parents came to stay inside the room with us the whole day and the daddy was sleeping with us the first time in the last past 40+ days, because it's the rule that only one parent can stay over night with the kid and no visitors are allowed even the relatives like grandparents are included, but not in the two-bed room.

I am really grateful that we can stay together and love each other more than any time. Families are really important at this time, I thank my parents for taking good care of me and my own family as they are quite old and they should enjoy their life after retiring. I thank my husband for being a great father and I thank all the friends for being our friends.

Xinxin is doing better now as the patch has less side effect as morphine. So she did some Art and craft in the afternoon and played some computer games.And last night she slept very well the whole night with both the parents beside her.Praise the lord.
Please continue to pray for us.
Thank you.

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Unknown 说...

Hi Joy
Charmaine,Ah Lek and me wish this new year will bring good fortune and quick recovery for Shu Qin.
From Auntie Loh

匿名 说...

So glad to know Xinxin is feeling better. She is such an adorable and talented child and it pains us to see her going through so much pain. It must have been so tough for you Joy and your praises during such time is all the more precious and amazing. We continue to pray for strength, healing and mercy from the Lord.

God is love. With Him, nothing is impossible.

Love & blessings,
Whee Ling

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As what I talked with you in ward, you are a great mother. I believe that God will bless you and Xinxin.

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you are a great mother. I believe that God will bless you and Xinxin.

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心心 新年快乐 哦! 幸运和祝福常伴随着你!