Jan.2nd,2008 Friday

Xinxin is doing fine today. She slept very well last night and me too. She played the computer games the whole day without a nap and is sleeping sweetly now with both the daddy and mommy beside her. The patches are really working very well with less side effect.
Actually the doctor wanted to cut down the base line of the morphine, but we are too scared of the pain, so it's still 2ml per hour.
The bolus is still 1.5ml for the PCA machine. But we didn't press that much today as she is not in much pain. And we are planning a trip to Ocean park which is near Queen Mary Hospital for Xinxin if she is still feeling well next week.Please pray for that.

The blood culture result showed still positive. So we are still using the the Peripheral line for morphine and platelets and so on. And the portacath is only for antibiotics. They will check the blood again next week.

Please continue to pray for Xinxin and thank you for your concern and help.

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Adriandy Manny 说...

Happy to know that you guys can have a little "reunion" at K8N. Hope you will have fun in Ocean Park next week. Remember to dress warm in this cold weather.

Jenn & Adrian

匿名 说...


pray for Xinxin