Jan7th, 2008 Wednesday

As parents, we are very sad to see our precious girl suffer and sometimes we wish it were a dream. We REALLY want to have her with us for ever. And we thank God for guiding us to do the best treatment and we will not regret for whatever the finial result will be because we tried the best we can and Xinxin is also fighting very hard with NB.

As our friend Jennifer mentioned in the comment that it is worth moving to HK for the further treatment.Definitely it is worthy .We would never know the result if we don't try more treatment which might help her. But as long as we tried everything, we won't regret. We will regret the rest of our life if we don't try everything we can provide for her, because God never asks us to give up and HE knows the best.
So we are prepared for any results of this fight although we want our sweetie to stay with us so much.

Xinxin is doing fine but she doesn't want the tube, so they started TPN for her today. But the needle is still on her hand as they wanted to put a whole new set of TPN, morphine and Ketamine together tomorrow.

Please continue to pray for Xinxin.