Jan.6th, 2008 Tuesday

In the past few weeks I was being very sad by hearing a NB kid relapsed who we met in Singapore.The parents are quite nice and they gave us a lot positive attitude during our treatment in Singapore.But when finally they told me that they are not going to do any treatment, I was rather shocked. After talking with them a few times, I guess this is the best choice they can do for their beloved child.
There are no adequate words, just sending prayers and love to the child and the family.

As for us, we are very grateful that we are receiving the best treatment--the three head doctors--Dr. Chiang, Dr. Chan,and Dr. Ha came to see Xinxin and talk with the pain doctor. Finally they add one drug called Ketamine to her by IV in low dose.

Praise the Lord that the blood culture result came back to be negative.
So that means Xinxin can use her own hands to do Art and Craft and play computer games tomorrow.

Xinxin was very fussy when hearing about the tube feeding for her. So I need to talk with her tomorrow again to see if she will accept the tube from her nose to her stomach, which sounds terrible, but doesn't hurt much as the doctors and nurses said..
But anyway she had a great time with her favorite CCF staff --Sister Tian.Here I want to thank her as she also prays for Xinxin as well as playing games and gave her a lot of surprises.
Yes, unfortunately we have to face cancer,but we are are really lucky to have so many angels around us everywhere

Every single one meant so much to us and truly touched our hearts.
Thank yo very much, and pleas continue to pray for Xinxin.

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Adriandy Manny 说...

Glad to know that XinXin is well taken care of under the skillful hands of the doctors. Sounded the move to HK for further treatment is totally worth it! Btw, we'll be at K8S tomorrow afternoon for Adrian's post BMT vaccination. Let see if you have time to pop by...

Jenn & Adrian

匿名 说...

Yes, Joy...

I'm very sad to hear that the poor boy has this terrible disease again. It's bothering me very much too. God, pls keep our kids healthy...