March 17th,2009 Tuesday

In the past few days, I went to Xinxin's God parents' home to see their daughter--my God daughter. The girl is the same age as Xinxin and she still remembers my daughter's name--she calls me Xinxin mommy as most kids here call me after two and a half years. We used to play together everyday before we moved to Singapore. Xinxin and the girl had a lot of great times. I brought the girl to the park that Xinxin and her used to play. I still have the photos that Xinxin plays in the park(but they are not taken by the digital camera). It always reminds me how nice if Xinxin were alive.

When night falls,and when I am alone, I cannot help crying for my lost--missing my Xinxin a lot. Almost all my friends and relatives ask me to have another baby soon and forget Xinxin. But how can I? Xinxin is not here but she is my little angel and she is going to be in my heart forever.

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匿名 说...

Don't worry, Joy. I'll be praying for you. Don't keep on worrying for xinxin, she is in God's hands. Live your life to the fullest.

Jeremy, 鸿恩

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Be strong, my dear siter. Be strong for yourself, your family and also for Xin Xin. She is looking at you from heaven, and she does want you to be happy. Just let her go peacefully, let her be there happilly and peacefully.

Macmama 说...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your beautiful baby girl.

Take the time that YOU need to grieve your loss! Hold on to all your beautiful memories - like playing at the park with XinXin and your God daughter - as you will never forget (nor should anyone ask you to forget!) the gift that you had - even if it was for such a short time. And what a beautiful gift she was!

When YOU are ready then have another baby - never to replace XinXin but to be a mommy again. You will ALWAYS be a mommy! Now you are just a mommy whose baby is in heaven. You are an awesome mommy! A new baby would be another gift to you and that baby would be lucky to have you for its mommy!

God knows what you need and will provide for you! You will find the peace and strength you need to deal with the loss of XinXin - God provides that too.

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!

love from Texas, USA

Gina Mac
mommy to 3 beautiful boys on earth and 2 angels in heaven

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