Thank you--my students

Some of my students came to see me yesterday. They bought me fruits and Flowers again(my students bought flowers to see me after I gave birth to Xinxin)

These students are now in the last year of their high school and,they will meet their College Entrance Exams within 90 days. And they are the students who tried their best last year to organize things to donate for my daughter. Aren't they very nice? During my daughter's treatment,we got a lot help from friends,but not from any relatives(except my family), my husband's brother called to tell us to give up instead of so called waisting money. Sometimes it's really hard to understand why the poor students have more hearts than our adult--they bought big apartments,some even have cars. I guess that's why God loves kids.

I want to thank all my students and friends and who gave us a lot of support during my daughter's treatment.

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XinXin's mother,

I'm really pleased to hear that you received lots of loves and support from friends and students in your home country. It may be a good decision you go back to China. Hope time could heal you.
Take care!