April 18th,2009 Saturday

During Xinxin's treatment, we are very fortunate to find two NB family group.
One is an international one--parents,relatives of NB and even including some doctors and volunteers.In this group, there are families who win the battle, who are doing treatment, who are you fighting the relapsed beast and who have lost their dear kids like us. You can find answers to any questions you can think of very fast and effectively because there are thousands of parents there, yes I forgot to mention about the patients--some long time survivor are as old as my age or even older.
The other group is made up of all the NB parents in China who are doing treatment. It's quite different, this group, I am the only one who lost the kid. Because parents will quit and never appear in this group once they lost the battle or give up treating.There are quite a number of kids were given up because of various reasons in China which I seldom see in other countries. I guess it must be very painful for the parents to make the decision.

I had a very busy day talking with NB parents in China through net.We were discussing why our kids have NB the whole day. Mainly they believe two reasons--genes and medication from abortion before the NB kid. I don't agree with either one. As for as I know,nobody had cancer in my husband and my family. Xinxin is our first and very precious baby. Of course every kid is precious of the parents, but to us, Xinxin is really precious, because my husband's blood type and mine will cause some problem if we try to have more later. I don't know what exactly problem it will be because at that time I never thought I would have more than one as China's family plan--one couple one kid.

We are still asking Whys and Hows, and my husband tells me that he would do research in childhood research if time could go back to ten years ago. I always laugh at him" who do you think you are? Can find a cure for NB?" "At least we could diagnose her earlier" Yes, what if Xinxin could be diagnosed earlier? Who knows? Time definitely cannot go back, we have to look forward,but we just can't help thinking...

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Just a short eassy I want to share with u.. Hope you and your husband can be strong and couragous and live life to the fullest.