May 12th,2009 Tuesday

A few days ago I got an email from my friend--Bob.I have known Bob and his wife many years ago.My Xinxin's English name--Anna was named after one of his daughters.He is a very good person.He thought it was quite strange that my husband is in HK and why I am here in mainland for so long.

I guess he asked the questions many people wanted to to know.

After Xinxin's passing, I lost the purpose of life. I followed my parents to my hometown to get some rest.
In the past few months, I was always thinking whether I should go back to the school I had been worked before I left for Singapore as my principal still keeps my name as the teacher in school. It's really hard to make the decision--my school is a keen government school in the province and it's not easy to keep the name for so long, but then I have to stay away from my husband.

I couldn't get to sleep until very late everyday last month--thinking of Xinxin. suffering in such a young age of my daughter always made me in tears. I never share my sad feelings with my parents,nor do them.

My husband calls everyday to ask when I will go back to HongKong. After getting Bob's email, I suddenly realized that I'd better go back to stay with my husband. It's easier to talk about my feelings in person than the phone.
So I decide not to work here so far and go back to HongKong soon.

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Adriandy Manny 说...

I had the same question in my head as your friend, Bob. It's time for you to go home and be with your dear husband. It's better for you to heal when you have someone beside you and I'm sure your husband needed you too! Will you move back to Singapore? We'll be moving back to Toronto in July.

Jenn & Adrian

Unknown 说...

Dear Joy

It's good to be able to catch up on things with you on the blog. I really miss Xin Xin too. I pray that God will grant you complete healing and strength to move on. Reading your journal about seeing the picture of Xin Xin sitting on an old man's lap. I'm wondering if that could have been a vision of Jesus holding on to Xin Xin. Jesus is His glorious white robe... Pray about that. Ask God what He is telling you through this vision. May Psalm 23 comforts you.