August 30th,2008 Saturday

Xinxin still had great appetite today.In the morning,she read some story books at home.She likes reading a lot now. When she was younger, she only asked me to tell her the story. Now she want me to point the words and read them to her.In the afternoon,my friend Jin Yuan, Xiu Zhen and her two girls come to my home to do the lanterns with Xinxin.We all had a great time. God just send us so many friends to encourage us and prove his power again and again.

I also want to show my appreciate to my friend-Chen Qian and her family.If you read our Chinese Blog, you sure know her.She is helping us in many ways from the very beginning till now.Today she sent us some fresh fish to let Xinxin try. Actually she kept sending us a lot in the past few months, but because of xinxin's diarrhea, we never let her try. Tomorrow I will let her try and please pray no diarrhea.

Xinxin's next Chemo will start next Monday. But my husband doesn't want to let her do it.He wants to wait for Xinxin's IC of HK approval which may be known next week. We submit the forms on August 6th, and it takes about 4-6 weeks time, so the earliest time will be next Tuesday--Sep.2nd. It's really hard to make the decision now. Because it's only maybe... and Xinxin can not stop Chemo for too long. We are trying to let our doctors to make decision, but God is the best one for us.Please pray for God's guidance of Xinxin's next Chemo.Thank you a lot.