August 31th, 2008

Xinxin is still doing very well.Her appetite is still very good. She tried the fish sent by my friend-Chen Qian and she can tolerate it.So far so good.Praise the Lord.We are very happy about it, it means that she have one more thing to eat.

We got a present from my friend,Nancy and Joe in the USA. I know them before Xinxin's birth. And Xinxin's first stuff toy-Monkey were sent by them when Xinxin was born. And now Xinxin's favorite monkey-George, was also send by them before we came to Singapore which is her only toy I brought to Singapore.This time they sent her an Elephant and some book about the monkey-Goerge. They had sent xinxin different books of George before xinxin's sickness.So Xinxin had a good time with the toy and the books the whole day.

As for the next round of Chemo, I think tomorrow her count should be good enough to start unless God doesn't want her to try one more round.It's really hard to make the decision now. Even though I insist to let her do the Chemo, I also feel very scared when only think about it. Last round Xinxin stayed in HHK for three weeks, she kept vomitting for two weeks.

Last night,before Xinxin went to sleep, she asked me to pray with her. Her prayer is like this:Wish my Monday Chemo will finish fast and I can go home early and no fever. My heart was almost broken, but I never cry. What a good girl, she doesn't want to do the Chemo, but she obeys what she should do. So I believe God gives her strength and asks her to tell us that she is going to be fine.When I shared this with my husband today, he felt very sad.And I guess we have to listen to God's guidance which is always the best.

Please continue to pray for the god's guidance of our next step.Thank you very much.

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Unknown 说...

Amen! let's press on trusting God! May your family have a united heart! May you walk in the will of God! And He is with you as we can see!