Sep1st,2008 Monday

I have to write a quick update,because Xinxin is sleeping in the ward, and I am in the family room.Pray God will let me finish before xinxin cries.
Do you want to listen to the good news or the sad news first.
Ok, let me say the sad news first:Xinxin was quite upsad at the noon time, so I leave the nurse to access the port(putting the needles to her port), she was not vrying when they were doing this as usal. But after I went in, I found they only put two three-way-tap there. So I asked the nurse why only three, because I remember last time they put three there, and they are going to give her the same protocol. Then the nurse-in-charge came to explain to me reasonally. I just ask them to check her last round of Chemo. Finally, they told me the doctor wrote the wrong protocol. Is it very sad that they did not know which chemo they will start for Xinxin.

The good thing is that God gives me good memory this time(I usually have very poor memory) to remember it and encourages me to ask before they started her Chemo( they only started pre hydration when I found out by myself). So God watches over Xinxin closely, he is not going to let any mistakes happen to Xinxin. What we need is just to pray.Pray for the wisdom of the doctors and teh nurses.
So please continue to pray.

The great thing is that Xinxin said a good prayer for herself before I started mine before she went to sleep just now. Her pray is like this: Hope I can go home soon and no vomitting and no fever. And I believe this is God's will also.

Finally I met my CCF social worker--she is trying to help us and still no result. She left a question for me-Is it too many people to look after Xinxin( me and my parents)?

If you read our Chinese Blog, you will know our MP-prof Ho and Mr.Ten Ming. They really concern Xinxin. Mr. Tan was really kind enough to use his own money to buy Xinxin six big tins of milk powder. He was surprised when he knows that CCF never helps us with any bills so far. He thought they are helping us with all the bills. And Our MP is going to write letters to them again and hopefully the application of our bills from CCF will have result soon.

I want to thank all these good people who really care about Xinxin and who are helping us and praying for Xinxin. What I know is that GOd will prepare everything for us, I just take care of Xinxin and pray for her.
Thank you very much. Please continue to pray.
Thank God that so far Xinxin is still sleeping.

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Carolyn Wing 说...

Thank GOD you caught this in time. Still praying for you here in Michigan. Hus and prayers. Carolyn Wing grandma to Laura Stage IV neuroblastoma page name LauraVDB

Unknown 说...

yes, peace be with you knowing that God's watching and in control of everything. Blessings...