Sep 4th,2008, Thursday

Thank God! Xinxin is doing very well. She has very good appetite without vomiting at all. She even came down to walk for a while. Even the doctors and nurses were very happy to see her to be so well this time.We are all very happy,especially my husband, he even promised me to fixed all the laptops in CCF. CCF provides some laptops for the parents in the wards, but none can get into the Internet. Every time we came to the ward, he will repair one for me to use, and next time when we come, it will spoiled.My husband didn't want to fix them all because he said he had no time as an excuse. And no one can fix it. So thank God to make my husband is willing to spend his time.

Today the pastor who I met in K-clinic came to pray for Xinxin.His name is Yeap. Tonight when I pray with Xinxin, her prayer is:hope my red blood cell and platelets will be fine and I can go home earlier.It's really sad to know that she also worries all these. For her age, she should only play and enjoy life instead of considering the sickness.
Anyway, we are happy to see Xinxin is fine today.

So please pray for Xinxin. Thank you very much.

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Unknown 说...

God is good! Well done, Shu Yuan ~_~