Sep 29th,2008 Monday

Thank God, Xinxin is having a great time with Make a wish. I want to thank those who donate to Make a Wish and thank my friend-Emily and my MSW who strongly recomended us to let Xinxin to make a wish. And I want to thank my volunteer of Make a Wish-Christine who made Xinxin's party so special for her and thank her for doing all these. And I also want to thank all those who took part in the party though we change the place to the ward. Your time is nothing better and your coming made the party so special. Of course Xinxin had the best time she had in the past nine months' treatment, and she is spoiled with all the gifts. Now we have to buy her a suitcase to put all the gifts. Xinxin even got present from the nurse friends-- a very expensive thermometer.
I want to thank God for sending so many good people to help us and doing all these.

Praise the Lord.Today she didn't have diarrhea. Please continue to pray for her that no diarrhea at night(last night she had twice )

Please also pray for another NB kid. It's the first time we met this three year girl in KKH.She was diagnosed to have stage3 NB when she was one year old and she is having OMS ( slow in thinking --something like that, I am not sure). But during the last few weeks, she started to vomit and the CT scan showed three spots in the liver. Today she did biopsy. The doctor told them, if it is confirmed to be relapsed, it will be no cure. The parents now don't want to think what it is, they are praying for God's choice. They told me that they pray if God want take her, just take her. But let's just trust in Him and hopefully nothing in the liver.

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It will be a good news for me, and for our parents, extending it to all of the prayers who have paid much attention to the ill of Xinxin. The wish of I is the God can take the ill as soon as possible, so the health will be com back in the next coming days. It is a great torture for Xinxin, for me (the uncle of Xinxin) is also a torture. God must show his benevolence to you because you are such a cute giri.