Sep 3rd,2008

Praise the Lord. Xinxin is better today though the early morning she vomited twice. The whole day she felt like vomiting for a few times, but nothing came out.She looks tired,but she still could manged to sit up and do some drawing for a while.She even went for shower the early morning. (Earlier than me today.) And she had a little porridge today.So everything is just fine.

Today Emily came to pray for us with her son. Did I mention that her son is fully recovered? He is just such a sweet boy. When Emily and I was talking, he just sat quietly and never interrupt us. We had a good time without Xinxin ( She is upstairs with the nurse, thank God, she gave me time to eat downstairs).

For Xinxin's paper in HK, still no result. My husband found out that they made a mistake. Even though we are holding the Chinese passport, but we will go to HK from Singapore. They figure out that at the last minute. So now they passed our application to another team. And we don't know how long it will take.But it made my husband very sad.My husband will write letters to them,hoping to get it faster.
I just want to thank God for his guidance for us to choose to do Chemo in KKH.

Please continue to pray for Xinxin.Thank you.

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Unknown 说...

Praise God! Thanks to Him for everything! Congrats to Emily and her son! May Shu Yuan be encouraged that God is in control of everything so that he may have peace.

匿名 说...

My siter, just be patient and put your faith onto God, trust Him.