Oct. 10th, 2008 Friday

We are home now. Xinxin is so happy to be at home and missed the home cook food a lot.

Today she did a bone can and the result will be out next week with the MIBG scan together. From the screen, I can tell that the right leg is still abnormal.The bone scans in KKH were normal even when she was diagnosed.Only the MIBG lighted up for the bone.And the doctor in KKH explained that MIBG is more accurate. She is scheduled to do the MIBG scan next week. We will admit to ward C6 next Monday for the injection of MIBG scan and the scan will be done on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please pray for Xinxin.

The needles for Xinxin's portacath are already in HK now.My friend-Emily's friend-Janet called me in the afternoon to tell me that she will send the needles to us tomorrow. Thank God.
Tomorrow my husband is going to meet a friend in a Church. Because he needs to meet the friend and the friend is only available at church at weekend.

Everything is just fine. Thank you so much for your prayers.Have a blessed weekend.

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匿名 说...

Hi Joy..
Nurul here.. hey, u mentioned that in QMH, they used central lines instead of portacath.. Central lines r so much easier.. Do the nurses/drs know how to access the port? Let me know, ok?

XinXin Battle Against Neuroblastoma 说...

Dear Nurul,
We miss kkh already.
They are very confident but the way they did are very different. Everytime they access port, only one nurse, no other nurse is around to help. And when they take out the needle, they just flush , then take out. Not like that in KKH, one nurse is flushing while one is taking out the needle at the same time.Whenever I asked them, they told me, a few years ago, they did it like that. But so far, I know only Shu Qin is using port.
I guess let's just pray for it.
Thanks for your concern. Send my regards to all the stuff to ward 76, we miss you already.

Unknown 说...

Glad that Xin Xin is home for the weekend. Adrian was at the Melamine Clinic (G/F in Block K) in QMH this past Friday morning. Thought of popping by to say hello but didn't end up going... maybe next time. Hope you have a good wkend.

Jenn & Adrian