Oct. 11, 2008 Saturday

Thank God, The friend sent the needles to us today.It's really nice of her-Janet. So we can bring them to QMH next Monday when we admit again.

We had a very good day at home.The weather is just nice not cold, but cool. It is a bit hot today.Xinxin wears her favorite dress and went to a park near where we live.It's very nice to see the turtles again. In Singapore, there are a lot of turtles, I thought we would miss them here in HK. The cleaner even picked up a tiny one for us to see.

And today for the first time in my life I saw the banana trees. Xinxin was also very excited to see them too.

The daddy went out to meet a friend and after that he went to see different flats around HK island. The flat the friend provides is very far(43km), it's not very convenient for us. But a normal flat near QMH is quite expensive. So far we live in the flat provided by my husband's company. We will move out before Nov.2nd.Please pray that we will find a suitable flat.

And pray for Xinxin. (Her tummy looks quite big). Thank you.