Oct. 12th, 2008 Sunday

The weather is still fine, but we can not see the blue sky as it is always grey.

Xinxin is having very good appetite as usual.She kept asking for food the whole day.I don't know why she is still so skinny. Today the daddy brought her downstairs in the morning for a little while and she was very tired. And after that she stayed at home playing computer games the whole day. The daddy went out to look for a suitable flat for us.

Tomorrow we will go back to ward C6 in QMH to have the injection for MIBG scan. It's a ;ittle different from that in GSH in Singapore. The scan in SGH will be two days and three days after the injection. And here in QMH, the scan will be done one day and two days after the injection. And the Iodide here in QMH is white color and taste sweet, which is much easier for Xinxin.

Please continue to pray for Xinxin.
Wish every body a good week ahead of you. Thank you all.