Oct.14th,2008 Tuesday

Dear friend,I am sorry I couldn't update Xinxin's situation since we didn't bring to the laptop to the hospital.
Yesterday we admitted to QMH in the afternoon. And she only had the injection for the MIBG scan.
Today is her first day for the MIBG scan which lasted from10am to 1:30 pm. The doctors were impressed by Xinxin. She is really good to control herself. She just stayed still without sedation.

Tomorrow we will have a shorter time of the same scan again.
For the tummy, the doctor will book an ultrasound for her.
And we met her doctor, also Dr.Chan-who is also a really good and kind doctor. And his plan for Xinxin will probably be like Chemo+MIBG treatment,+ 3F8 antibody.The MIBG treatment and 3F8 is the best treatment in the world for neuroblastoma. So far in the world, there are only two hospitals provide 3F8, except QMH, the other one is in New York. The 3F8 in QMH was also bought from USA. Before we came to HK, Dr. Chan was not very willing to let us try 3F8 since it is very limited.So we thank God to let Dr.Chan change his mind suddenly.The details of the plan will come out when Xinxin finishes her scan this Friday.

Please continue to pray for Xinxin.Thank you a lot.