Nov.24th,2008 Monday

Thank God we got the Internet today finally.

Thank you for your concern.And I am sorry for not replying your emails and messages.Xinxin's situation is getting worse .She is on Morphine 24 hours a day and still needs to add the dose every day. She is also on TPN started from last Thursday. But she started to take some noodles and the tummy is better.

As for the treatment, we discussed with the doctors, and decided not to do the surgery for Xinxin first. we want to try the new chemo first.The 3F8 treatment did a great job for the bone disease. Her shoulder is no more swollen and only the leg is very pain.The doctor will do the radiotherapy for the leg first. But we need to wait for her turn for the radiotherapy although they sent her case as urgent.
And we are waiting for her count to be good enough for the next round of Chemo.
She had fever started from Saturday and is on antibiotics.So we are still keeping the hope although the doctor told us to get the worst preparation.

let's just pray the best for Xinxin.Thanks.

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Unknown 说...

Have been thinking about XinXin. We were at QMH this morning and were actually outside K8N for awhile. Didn't end up calling you because both Adrian & I were sick (I wore a mask myself to avoid cross contamination with Adrian) and I'm too afraid I might spread the germs to you and XinXin. I'm sure XinXin will be good taken care of by the skillful doctors there. Have faith and never give up. Hopefully the RT & the new chemo will help.

Take care,
Jenn & Adrian

匿名 说...

May they find slots for RT for our Xinxin. My mind has always been thinking about her. Have faith that the new treatment works and keep a lighted heart to keep her happy.

Unknown 说...

His love and grace be with you all forever.