March 28th,2008 Saturday

While I was thinking very hard how to refuse Xinxin's God parents' kind invitation, God has already made the decision for us.It has been raining for two days, so they have to put off the plan of their trip. Isn't God really nice?

One of my friends came to see me and cried loudly in front of me and my parents,which I don't really like.She cried because she cannot accept the fact that I lost my daughter. I never cry before my parents, because I know that they are also VERY VERY sad already, and I don't want to make them sadder. Always, I never talk about Xinxin's last few days with friends. And I try to talk some other things. I understand people's feeling, but sometimes it seems that some people don't understand our aching heart.

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Adriandy Manny 说...

Hi Joy, thanks for your message! I can feel for you. A friend of mine knew that I stopped working when Adrian was in treatment. She said I was "lucky" for not working... oh well, if someone truly think that it's "lucky", I wish she had my luck! It's hard to believe how insensitive some people are... Afterall, they had no ideas what we've gone through...

Take care,
Jenn & Adrian

Andy (Dad to Max) 说...

Hi Joy,

You can tell us about Xinxin's last day please. Looking back, the last few days of Max's life were bittersweet. You've probably seen the video on the last morning he was alive. As difficult as it may seem, the last days of our children's lives on this earth remain most vivid in our memory. I hope you are able to share any of your memores - good or bad - with someone soon.
Andy, Max's dad