March,9th,2009 Monday

I have been to my hometown for two weeks and finally got the Internet today. I tried to keep myself at home as I had been stayed in this town for 15 years and had been in the same school for 11 years.(5 years for being a student and 6 years as a teacher). My school is only three minutes' walk from my home, so in the same community, almost everyone knows me and my family.But soon almost all our relatives and my friends came to my home to see me. It's really very nice of them to support us at this moment, but I just do not know how to share my feelings with them. Of course they don't want to see me cry again and again, so every time, I tried to keep quiet. Some of them invited to go to school to have lunch as our school has dining hall from this semester now. It's really hard for me to get into the school right now.

I really feel kind of lost now.I haven't get used to the life without my dearest daughter. The reason I came home is because my parents wanted me to get enough rest. So every day, my job is to eat more and sleep more, but unfortunately, I got sick at the third day and have been coughing for one week. But it's really very enjoying for being a daughter of my parents and a wife of my husband. My parents are really very nice to me---cook for me, wash my clothes for me and accompany to the hospital. My husband calls me a few times every day and we chat just like when we just met many years ago.

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Grandpa John 说...

I know you don’t know me so I’ll introduce myself. My name is John Raschke, I am also known as Grandpa John or just Gj by all of my Little Buddies. Who are my little buddies? Well, my little buddies are all of the children suffering from neuroblastoma, and their families too...

As I read of your loss whihc is so great, please know that I care too. I wish I had the majic pill which would get rid of neuroblasstoma, hnd maybe jsut a little ease your pain, but I don't.

But what i do have, I give freely as God has given to me and that is my time to run races for all of my Little Buddies; to their memory for our Angels and to the honor of those stil fighting this horrible disease.
Within the next day or so, I be adding your beautiful daughter Xinxin's name to our Angel's Honor Roll- A Forever Dedication.

May 15 of this years, I will run a 334 mile run from Toledo OHio USA and Mackinaw City Michigan USA, and that race I will dedicate not only to all of all who became Angels but to Xinxin as well. The purpose of this run is to raise awareness of childhood cancer, especially Neuroblastoma (I hope to raise some money for reserach too.)

Yopu can read about my effort and labor of Love here:

And here too

In closing I make you and your family this promise:

“I will continue to run and raise funds for research for the cause until my legs get too old or tired to run, and then I’ll just have to let my Heavenly Father carry me onward in my racing till the cure is found.

And may God willing longer still.

God Bless you and May His Love give you Peace.

Grandpa John