July 24th, 2009 Friday

I guess we all know that having good health is more important than anything else.But when we have the healthy body, we never feel so lucky and always tries hard to grasp those not so important things compared to health.And I did really understand it at the day when my daughter was diagnosed with cancer.Facing death for my loved daughter, I started to view life differently.

I used to think that I was still young and death is far far away. But who can guarantee himself to be alive tomorrow? If we know that we are dying sooner or later, can we live our lives here more meaningfully and abundantly?

It's really very hard for us in the secular society. I often hear people say that they will serve God after they grow old and when they have nothing to do after their retirement. As for me, I always told myself that how much I would donate to the sick when I get a job.But we never think about the fact that we may not have the chance or when the time comes, we forget our promises already.

Through Xinxin's cancer treatment, we have experienced the great love from God.In the past few months,when I heard that a single mother was asking people to raise half a million Singapore dollars (thanks to God, they made it) to help her girl to do 3F8 treatment in USA. Except feeling sorry for the family, I was very thankful that God prepared everything for my daughter--Xinxin got the 3F8 in HK. And stay with both parents beside her and love her.
There are times that I couldn't bear seeing my daughter's poor situation. God always sent his angels and his words to encourage me and to help me. Reading the words from Bible gives me a lot of strength. God is always with us. Without Him, we couldn't go so far--my daughter received the best treatment in the world when we don't even have enough money to start the treatment. Yes, Xinxin died. and we are still very sad. But I will regret for the rest of my life if we didn't bring her to try the best treatment. I should say that it is God who provides all the things(All parents want their kid to have the best treatment, but not all can get it).
Things will be very different for those parents who did the treatments and those who gave up. And the parents' feelings will definitely not be the same, when the child died at the end.

People born in China like us seldom have the chance to experience God's glory. But we did touch God's true love and glory, unfortunately through my daughter's cancer treatment, how I wish it could from other things.
But we should always remember to pass the love on and tell people how great God is. So friends, please always remind me to stand firm in my faith. And let's encourage each other to live the fullest every day--to give more and to forgive more because it might be the last day for us in the world.

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匿名 说...

Dear Joy,

My name is Kathy and I am from the USA. I came across your blog through another child's website that I read that also has neuroblastoma. After reading the history about XinXin's illness and then about her passing away - I just felt the need to tell you and your husband how terribly sorry I am to hear about the loss of your precious child. I have two children of my own, and cannot imagine ever losing one of them.

I will always be at a total loss as to why these things have to happen, especially to a small child. (I lost a sister to cancer many years ago) I can only hope and pray God has a definite plan and purpose for those he has taken early.

Thank you for sharing your story about XinXin. What a beautiful child she was. I will keep you in my prayers...

-Kathy (kathyp_22@yahoo.com)

Christopher Yuan 说...

God bless you. I just came across your blog. Keep pressing forward. Don't forget your precious angel, Xinxin. Remember the sweet and precious times that you had with her. And know that you will one day see her soon and then spend eternity with Jesus and your Xinxin!

My testimony may encourage you. http://christopheryuanvideo.blogspot.com/

Christopher Yuan

Unknown 说...

Praises to God for your faith. You've been faithfully praising God for the grace received. Thank you for setting me such an example. As for xinxin, I miss her, a lot. Every time i think of her, i pray for you both that the Lord keeps you.We shall see her soon, as the life on earth is very short compared to eternity. Stay with God and know Him more every day.Surrender to Him then you two will have abundant lives.He uses trials to mold us, to bring us closer to Him, to love people more. We're temporarily separated from Xinxin, but we're so sad already, how sad the mothers/children will be when they are separated from each other & God eternally. Let's leave no regrets and help people leave no regrets by passing around the gospel!God is LOVE!