July 9th,2009 Thursday

I am still looking for a job, but not have one yet. It seems that finding a suitable job is quite hard here in HK.

Xinxin's ashes are still not back home yet. My husband didn't like the container they put her ashes in --because it's quite heavy, not easy for us bring back to Singapore. Talking about the ashes, my tears can't help coming out by itself.One cancer petient' s mother told me that they actually are small pieces of bones. I don't think I have the courage to see them. It's horrible to even think about it. We will keep them at home first.

My husband asked me to stop writing Bog as it always remind me the bad days my daughter had. I don't know if I should continue--as I know some friends are still reading it as a habit already and I can only express my real feelings here although my English is really limited. Whenever I start to write about the Blog, Xinxin's image is still clearly in my mind--she is smiling at me. Her sweet smile and pretty face is so nice that I want to hug her tightly.

My sweet heart: are you having a happy life there? You are the one to remind me every morning how lucky we are to be healthy and still alive.You are the one to teach me to be strong and brave. and you are the special one in my heart that no one can replace.

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匿名 说...

HI dear,it is alright to remember XinXin, every mother is entitled to keep their child close to their heart no matter where they are. It is better for you to express your feelings somewhere than to keep it in you, because it will be easier for you to talk about it than to avoid he topic and eventually finding yourself cooping yourself with the sad memories. Blog on, remember XinXin, she is and will always be your dearest