Sep 11th,2009 Friday

We did have a bad time on the day Xinxin's ashes came back. I had a good cry and finally my husband keeps the ashes in our suitcase so I will not cry every day. So Xinxin's ashes will stay with us before we decide where to keep. It's always very sad to think about the bad days she went through.

We are the parents no one want to be. In English there is no word for parents who lost their kids. They have the words orphan--for children who lost their parents, widow--for wives who lost their husband and I know there is also a word for those husbands who lost their wives. We even don't have a name. That's right, who want to lost their kids? No One.

From the beginning of September, I got a few job offers. But because I am teaching students at home now, and I am happy being the way I am doing, so right now we just want to keep the situation as it is. Anyway it's really excited to know that someone who wants to hire me as a teacher here in HK.

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Unknown 说...

take care! May you find joy in teaching the kids~_~

Unknown 说...

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!