Oct.6th,2009 Tuesday

It's Xinxin's birthday today. She is five years old.

My husband and I pretend nothing happened to us. He went to work in the morning. But I know that both of us just don't want to mention the sad thing once again.

Now our life seems to get back to Normal. He works on the weekdays and I teach kids every day.Both of us are doing the things we enjoy. We go out when we have time. It seems we are having really good time--strangers won't tell from our faces about what has happened to us. I don't really know what is my husband's feeling as he seldom talks about the sad things. Whenever I mentioned about our daughter, he would talk about other things. It's quite hard to understand what is really going on in his mind. But he mentioned a few times that he loves kids more than ever now.

My feelings are always on my face. Whenever I see a girl my daughter's age, I couldn't help thinking of Xinxin. Why she couldn't have a happy childhood like any other kids?
I cried when I heard about the sad news of other kids. I always think about my daughter. She is such a lovely and good kid I have ever seen.
My daughter is the most precious gift we have. We love her forever and we miss her...