30th, October, 2009 Friday

Life is still going on....

I really enjoy my job and I have more and more students. A few parents called to thank me because they think their children's English and Mandarin is improving. You know the most enjoyable thing to be a teacher is to see the students improve. It is always so nice to see my students grow.

My husband is also working very hard as usual. He went back to his home town last week. He had a great time with his families and relatives--I can tell from his photos taken.

The weather is getting cool and it's just nice--Not hot and not cold. We like it. And this is what we like the best in HK. The weather in October is just prefect.

I still burst into tears when people talk about my daughter. I just couldn't help thinking of my lovely and precious Xinxin. Lord, please take care of my young aged Xinxin.She deserves a good and happy life.

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Unknown 说...

strongly recommend

Y.S 说...

I am another fellow christian from Indonesia. I used to stayed in Singapore for 7 years. I had never heard of Neuroblastoma until one of my college friend in Oxford University decide to work for MKSCC in US where they invent 3F8 protocol.
I must say I terribly sadden by the loss of your little girl, I myself a mother of 3 yr old, I can't hold my tears reading each of your entry. I can imagine how hard it is for you and your family to go through this.
However, I am very encourgaed to see that you and your husband stay faithful to the Lord, and give thanks to Him. I believe like Job, you'll receive your reward in due time.
A missionary friend of mine lost her 17 year old son on car accident 2 month ago, when I asked her about the loss, she said "God will pick the best flowers out of His garden to decorate his heavenly home, I am glad my son is chosen".
Thank you for bringing such an encouragement in my day. God bless!