Happy New year

I had the best days of the year while my friend Yanqiong was here last week. It reminded me of my university days--nothing to worry about.We went out together, shopping and chatting. We also went to Disneyland. It's such a pity that Xinxin was not with us.Before she came, I was kind of worried that she might ask me questions about Xinxin. I think she understand my feelings. Both of us never mention about the pain. We talked about futures, jobs, studies... I enjoyed a lot. Friendship is a gift from God and I treasure it.

We will be back to Singapore next week. It's not so excited as we are afraid to face our friends in Singapore. Most friends already know the sad situation of us, but none of our neighbours knows.They will probably ask... And I know friends will also come and chat. It's going to be hard for us... We get used to the life here--pretend nothing happened every day. We will miss HK. Anyway it always good to have friends at any time.

I want to thank everyone for your help and prayers.Wish everyone a blessed New year.